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Talos, from myth
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Colossal head of a youth, the remnant of a Greek statue on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Pictures by Levi Meir Clancy
Protection des b√Ętiments
Protection of
Protection des vies
Protection of
Protection des DAB
Protection of

The Jura craftsmanship -
protect what is dear to you!

TALOS™ is the anti-explosion protection device that secures buildings and their occupants, ATMs and store windows against physical attacks in Switzerland and worldwide. TALOS™ invented and developed in...

capteurs Sensors integrated Technologie de pointe
Advanced technology

According to the European Association for Secure Transaction (EAST), which tracks attacks on ATMs, 2019 saw 4,571 physical attacks on ATMs across all vendors. The attacks counted include ram attacks, rip-offs, gas attacks and solid explosives. This equates to 13.7 attacks per population of 1,000 ATMs...

Criminals use different and innovative methods for each ATM attack. Explosive attacks seem to become a standard method of attack, which ensures a high potential for success and systematically causes irreversible and financially unbearable damage to the insurers, tenants and owners of the buildings. On the human level, irreversible injuries and lesions have caused unacceptable suffering. It is not acceptable to accept this state of affairs. With Talos™...

Physical attacks are developing a growing trend, with several explosive attacks reported in the early months of 2021. These attacks occur on ATMs of all manufacturers. The attacks last on average only five or six minutes on site, with losses exceeding CHF 300'000 per unit measured on average for all attacks, including cash and property damage. One observation is clear, hindering and protective measures must be implemented. Talos™ is needed without compromise. Talos™ is an...


TALOS™ developed in Courtedoux, proudly Jura and obviously Swiss Made.