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The intelligent and robust protective curtain for !

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Hooded criminal surrounded by bills falling from above. Photo by Nikita Pavlov

Make your property unattractive to criminals!

Talos™, your custom-made security element for ATMs or Bancomats with the aim of making physical attacks repulsive to criminals.
Its concept is to preserve the cash withdrawal service to the population by equipping the ATMs with this "armor" that still allows accessibility to people who want to possess cash.
Talos™ becomes virtually invincible against criminals who want to steal the contents of ATMs by blowing them up.

Colossal head of a youth, remnant of a Greek statue, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Photo by Levi Meir Clancy

Talos, from myth
to reality

In Greek mythology, Talos is a giant robot made of bronze designed by Hephaestus, the God of technology, to protect the island of Crete from intruders at the request of King Minos.
Talos went around the island three times a day looking for attackers. He threw huge rocks to sink their ships. If some of them reached the shore, he would expose his bronze body to fire and crush them against his chest.
Today Talos™ has become a reality in the form of a steel giant. He may not attack intruders, but he will repel them, protecting your DAB.

Children playing soccer with Talos sponsored jerseys

Our values

FRAM Liner strongly believes in future generations and therefore in our children.
That's why we use sustainable and recycled materials to repel the terror of explosive attacks far from their homes.
We have also sponsored regional junior sports teams so that the children can thrive.
FRAM Liner is committed to a safer future for everyone by making frequent violent attacks on ATMs obsolete.
Every day we look for solutions to make our system safer, more economical and more recycled.

Swiss landscape under the snow with a train passing on the viaduct in the middle of the mountains. Photo by Johannes Hofmann

100% Swiss Made

All the steps of our production and conception are executed in Switzerland!

Safety of the population and our heritage assets first!
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Install your Talos™

Want to protect your ATMs?
Don't wait any longer, contact our team to find the best solution for your needs.
We will provide you with a quick quote including a photomontage so that you can visualize Talos™ ready to secure your ATM or 24-hour zone.
We make sure that the element is in line with the surrounding design. This makes Talos™ invisible or an architectural element in its own right.